Not being a medically-inclined person, subjects like Biology, and the like, never captured my interest, unless of course a specific medical issue entered my life.  However, with challenging issues of Biology in the forefront of our news, today, I’ve taken notice of some valid explanations, (and you may have, as well), that offer a bit of understanding on some of today’s timely topics, all of which beg our attention.

With some issues, for example, the heartbreaking termination of the life of a babe in the womb, I already knew that it was neither normal nor right.  You see, as a child, I recall waiting for the arrival of each of my five younger siblings.  In fact, along with my childhood friend, (also from a large family), she and I enjoyed our little game of “Which baby would come first?”, since our Moms were often expecting at the same time.  I innately knew, then, that soon the little life inside my Mamma’s tummy would enhance our lives.  And as a child, I just couldn’t wait until my new sibling would arrive, and that, with the same anticipation as at Christmas!

More recently, I came across an article that sheds light on another challenging issue in the limelight…that of the XX and XY chromosomes.  Years earlier, being clueless of such common medical understanding, I was truly puzzled when trying to decipher the license plate of friends of ours who have been blessed with 10 children.  Their license plate read something like this: 4XX 6XY.  It wasn’t until I asked our friend, later, for an explanation, that, then, in my embarrassment, I understood the meaning.  Apparently, I should have known!  That was actually my first introduction to the deep science of chromosomes.  (Evidently, my early science education was weak; or, rather, it could very well have been my own deficient attention span!)

Fast forward to today… My current understanding of the XX and XY chromosomes, although still quite limited, is a bit more clear, based upon a medical professional’s explanation I read, recently. *  The author’s explanation in summary is this:  XX refers to gals, and XY refers to guys, and never in the bluest moon, will they be otherwise.  They are cemented, if you will, in one’s DNA, at birth.

Any external alterations in other areas of a person’s life can be attempted, but the truth remains the same: within the DNA, XX and XY are unalterable.  So, to change definitions and terms to suit a narrative, is indicative of ignorance at best, or foolishness, at worst.  I find that valid medical explanation easy to comprehend.  In addition, it is comforting, and, not to mention what I deem to be, filled with common sense, as well; something that is also evidence of nature’s God. (Romans 1:20)

The arguments abound!  But would that common sense and wisdom, specifically God’s wisdom, as revealed to us in the manual for mankind that He authored, i.e., the Holy Bible, be part of the discussion and debate! It makes my heart ache; and since I am made in God’s image, I don’t doubt His heart is aching too. However, as in days gone by, God will prevail! Come, Lord Jesus!

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God…”  (1 Corinthians 3:19a)

What are your thoughts?

God’s blessings on your day!
Number 6:24-25

*A medical and common sense explanation.

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