The state of affairs of our world.

You have, as well?  Perhaps we can compare notes.

Now that we are well into reading The Gospel of Matthew, we have seen that in the days when Jesus lived, life then, as today, was in turmoil.  And, as Matthew 13:53-58 tells us, Jesus (and His message) was not welcomed by His countrymen.

Fast forward to today, about 2000 years later. That’s a long time, no?

Jesus, and His message, although still spoken of today is, again, not welcomed by many people in our world.

The opposite, however, can also be said that many others throughout our world do welcome and receive Jesus and His Word.  Perhaps you are one of them.  If not, His invitation is open to all.  (see John 3:16-17.)

And, as I’ve observed the increasing anti-Semitic sentiment filling our airways, I can’t help but sense that it is not so much those criticized that are the real target, but rather the One who shares their ancient heritage. It is Jesus, who is the actual target.

You see, as history records, Jesus is the One, and only one, who defied death, confirming that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. (see John 14:6.)

However, the enemy of this world is working overtime to distort all truth, destroy all life, and eliminate the truth about Jesus.  (see John 10:10a)

Yet, Jesus who came once, defied death, gave life to mankind, (see John 10:10b) is coming again, and is our only Hope for the state of affairs of our world, and for our individual destinies. May you pause, now, and give this much thought.

And may God bless you!

Number 6:24-26

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