A Precious Role

To Parent/Guardian/Teacher…

The core lessons of the God’s Word To Us Bible Curriculum series constitute the foundation for learning God’s Word in a systematic manner. They encourage the student to become personally involved and immersed in the actual scriptural accounts, using many of his/her own senses to uncover, discover, and learn what God, Himself, would have us know from His Holy Word.

For children not yet able to read well enough, you have a grand opportunity to read the Biblical account to the child. Upon hearing each verse, the child can then identify the verse number or missing word in that particular lesson.  In addition, you, along with the child, can also become immersed in God’s Word, resulting in “quality time” for all involved.

If the lessons are consistently used, the student will reinforce memorization, glean great insights, and internalize the Scriptures as the Holy Spirit leads and guides his/her eyes, heart, mind, and spirit in the study of God’s Holy Word.

And, as is always an excellent and praiseworthy practice, it is highly recommended that we encourage the student to join us in inviting the Lord, Jesus, to be part of each lesson, giving way to a keen sensitivity and understanding that we are reading God’s Word to us.

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