Supplemental Activities

In addition to the core lessons…

…the supplemental activities, are designed to enhance and reinforce the student’s learning of God’s Word. These activities include:

Sword Summary – Periodic reviews of lessons previously studied.

Bible Break – Puzzles, charts, word games, etc. to enhance lessons previously studied.

Bible Math – Periodic questions dealing with math-related issues demonstrating their importance in God’s overall design and plan.

Who Said It? – A memory-challenging activity designed to encourage the student to be attentive to the many words spoken by God, alone; between God and man; or between man and man.

What’s the Question? – A quiz-like activity encouraging the student to demonstrate how well he/she has fully internalized the “clues” presented, by being able to reconstruct that particular story lesson, and then to formulate a pertinent question of his/her own making.

The Bible’s Books – A series of puzzle-worksheets focusing in on identifying and, ultimately memorizing, the various Books of the Bible according to their respective categories, i.e., The Books of the Law; The Books of History; The Books of Poetry/Wisdom, etc.

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