“‘Til all the world, Our Jesus sees.”

As with most things in life, change is inevitable. I say “most” because of one exception: GOD NEVER CHANGES, nor does HIS HOLY WORD.  For that I am most, most grateful!!

The following is a poem my sister was inspired to write during the early stages of her, then, lengthy illness, which eventually took her home to be with Jesus, seven years ago this month.

Her deep, deep love for the Lord, and for the many children whose lives she influenced as a dedicated teacher, as well as for the lives of those of us blessed to be in her circle, is reflected in her own child-like heart which this poem expresses.

She graciously gave me her permission, then, to share her poem, wanting to be “open to how the Lord would use it for His glory.” (Matthew 5:16)

May the example of my sister’s child-like faith, trust, and intimacy with Our Lord be an inspiration to us all, even now. And my prayer is that it will draw us ever closer to Him, as result.

Blessings to you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Childlike Faith